Nyandaruma にゃんだるま

「 にゃんだるま 」とは?
What is “Nyandaruma” ?

イラストレーター ai sayamaがつくる猫のだるまの作品。

“Nyandaruma” is art work that japanese illustrator ai sayama makes.
“Nyan” means meow. “Daruma” is a traditional Japanese tumbler doll representing Bodhidharma.
Nowadays “Daruma” is regarded more as a bringer of good luck.
It is considered a symbol of perseverance and reaching the objective, as it always stands up positively.
“Daruma” fairs are held mostly at New Year’s time, and sold “Daruma” have no eyes
painted on the face. The possessor usually puts in one eye and makes a wish,
and at later stage, paints in the other eye of the doll when he has had his wish realized.
So… Who will bring this art work to completion ? It’s YOU !